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Ignify - Library

Centralized Payments and Receipts in Dynamics AX 2009 - An overview of centralized statements, centralized cash receipts and centralized vendor payments in Dynamics AX 2009.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server - Read about features such as Workflow, SharePoint Designer, InfoPath integration with SharePoint, SQL Server Reporting Services in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 - Read an independent analysis by Ignify on what is new in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. The white paper includes a rating of each new feature on a scale of 1-10 and an unbiased opinion of how useful and how complete the feature is with any recommended future enhancements.

Microsoft Commerce Server (41 KB) - Read about new features such as Marketing Manager, Catalog Manager, Catalog Schema Editor in Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 including changes from Commerce Server 2002.

Dynamics AX Programming (111 KB) - Get a technical overview of X++ programming in Microsoft Dynamics AX (Formerly Microsoft Axapta) including information on MorphX, Application Object Tree (AOT), Application Object Layers and Forms in Dynamics AX.

SOAP (458 KB) - Learn about SOAP, a lightweight protocol used for exchange of information in a decentralized, distributed environment.

Class Diagrams and Use Case (85KB) - A study about Class Diagram including relationships, inheritance, multiplicity etc.

C# (144 KB) - Introduction to .NET framework and its new features in C#. This presentation focuses on  C# being a strongly-typed object-oriented language designed to give the optimum blend of simplicity, expressiveness, and performance.

EJB (159 KB) - EJB component model simplifies the development of middleware applications by providing automatic support for services such as transactions, security, database connectivity, and more.

WAP (652 KB) - Offering comprehensive information on WAP, including WAP forum, WAP Programming Model, differences between WAP & WML and more...

Garbage Collection (192 KB) - Garbage collection concerns objects with dynamic extent. This presentation shows how  Java uses various techniques to automatically discover when these objects are no longer referred to, and to reclaim them.

ISO/OSI Reference Model (331 KB) - A brief description about ISO/OSI reference model - with functionality of each layer.

MPLS (445KB) - An Introduction to Multi-Protocol label Switching.

Note: Install Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files .

CRM for Sales and Marketing Webinar.
April 23, 11 am Pacific
April 24, 9 am Singapore
More Information
April 24, 2014:
11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern: Ignify eCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics ERP demonstration.
Click here to register
May 1, 2014:
11 am Pacific / 2 pm Eastern: Web-based and Mobile device Order Entry for Sales reps and CSRs with integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM. Click here to register
CRM for Banking and Financial Institutions Webinar.
May 21: 11 am Pacific
May 22: 9 am Singapore
More Information
Financial Excellence with Microsoft Dynamics AX Webinar.
May 28, 11 am Pacific
May 29, 10 am Singapore
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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Ignify Wins 2013 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
Ignify Wins 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
Ignify Wins 2012 Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the Year Award
Red Herring Ranks Ignify in Global 100 Technology Companies
Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle Partner
ISO 9001 Certification for Ignify demonstrates excellence
Ignify ranks on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list of fastest growing companies in North America for the sixth year in a row
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